Director: Dr. Roberto Rivarola

Vice Director: Dr. Raul E. Bolmaro

Board of Directors:

Division of Materials Science and Technology:

  • Titular counselors: Dr. Jorge Malarria and Dr. Javier Signorelli
  • Alternate counselor: Dr. Martina Avalos

Condensed Matter Division:

  • Titular counselors: Dr. Claudio Gazza and Dr. Adolfo Trumper
  • Alternate conselors: Dr. Marcelo Sepliarsky

Atomic and Molecular Physics Division Biological:

  • Titular counselor: Dr. Omar Fojón
  • Alternate Counselor: Dr. Bibiana Riquelme

Earth Science Division and the Universe:

  • Titular counselor: Dr. Enrique Repetto
  • Alternate counselor: Dr. Luis Lara


  • Titular counselor: Mr. Marcio Raposo
  • Alternate counselor: Mr. Esteban Ghioldi

Support Staff:

  • Titular counselor: Mr. Armando Cassinera
  • Alternate counselor: Mr. Javier Cruceño