The Institute of Physics Rosario (IFIR) is a unit of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council - Argentina (CONICET) an the Rosario's National University (UNR), aimed at conducting research and developments Physics. So, it promotes science and technology in both basic and applied science and engineering related activities. IFIR participates in the training of human resources, integrating and collaborating with researchers and professors of the National University of Rosario (UNR).

The Institute was created in 1980 through an agreement between UNR and CONICET. Initially, it was composed by the research groups from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Engineering (FCEIyA/UNR). The variety of subjects investigated by the mentioned groups, gives to the Institute the opportunity to start with a solid bases and to grow steadily up the present situation, with more than one hundred persons working at IFIR. In the Institute, advanced laboratories and outstanding research groups works in its own projects and in collaboration with national and international related institutions. The research lines are essenciall: Atomic Collisions, Solar Energy, Plasma Physics, Geophysics, Condensed Mater, Ceramic Materials, Metallurgical Physics, Optical Metrology, Biological Applied Optics, Intelligent Systems, Quantum Relativity and Gravitation Theories, Condensed Matter Theory and Field Theories.