Journal Articles by A. Lyapustin

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L. D. Ceca, M. G. Ferreyra, A. Lyapustin, A. Chudnovsky, L. Otero, H. Carreras, and F. Barnaba
Satellite-based view of the aerosol spatial and temporal variability in the Córdoba region (Argentina) using over ten years of high-resolution data
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (cited By 12), 145, 250-267, 2018
aerosols atmospheric chemistry boundary layers chemical analysis nasa radiation effects radiometers rural areas argentina maiac modis particulate matter south america air pollution aerosol algorithm aqua (satellite) atmospheric correction atmospheric pollution in situ measurement long range transport modis optical depth particulate matter satellite altimetry spatial resolution spatial variation temporal variation terra (satellite) timescale argentina cordoba [argentina]