Journal Articles by T. Khelfa

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J. Muñoz, O. Higuera, J. Benito, D. Bradai, T. Khelfa, R. Bolmaro, J. J. A.M., and J. Cabrera
Analysis of the micro and substructural evolution during severe plastic deformation of ARMCO iron and consequences in mechanical properties
Materials Science and Engineering A (cited By 9), 740741, 108-120, 2019
backscattering density (specific gravity) dislocations (crystals) dynamic recrystallization grain size shape high resolution transmission electron microscopy iron plastic deformation tensile strength transmission electron microscopy continuous dynamic recrystallization electron backscattering diffraction geometrically necessary dislocations grain size mis-orientation severe plastic deformations substructure x ray diffraction line profile analysis mechanical properties