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J. Mussin, M. Roldán, F. Rojas, M. Sosa, N. Pellegri, and G. Giusiano
Antifungal activity of silver nanoparticles in combination with ketoconazole against Malassezia furfur
AMB Express (cited By 2), 9(1), 2019
carbomer fluconazole ketoconazole silver nanoparticle antifungal activity antifungal susceptibility article atopic dermatitis broth dilution controlled study disk diffusion gel growth inhibition human malassezia furfur mic50 mic90 minimum fungicidal concentration minimum inhibitory concentration nonhuman polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism scanning electron microscopy seborrheic dermatitis surface plasmon resonance tinea versicolor transmission electron microscopy ultraviolet visible spectroscopy