Publications with the keyword "superconducting wiggler"

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J. G. Molleja, J. Bürgi, G. Kellermann, A. Craievich, R. Neuenschwander, P.-Y. Jouan, M. Djouadi, M. Piccoli, et al.
Synchrotron radiation applied to real-Time studies of the kinetics of growth of aluminum nitride thin multilayers
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (cited By 0), 123(7), 1679-1687, 2019
aluminum nitride amorphous films film preparation growth kinetics magnetrons nitrides reactive sputtering superconducting films synchrotron radiation synchrotrons textures x ray diffraction aluminum nitride thin films controlled deposition experimental devices operation parameters polycrystalline structure real-time recording real-time x-ray diffraction superconducting wiggler thin films